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What People from Deloitte, Qatar Airways, Orange Tee and SMU Have to Say About Design Thinking?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Hi, my name is Daniel.

I have trained more than 500 Design Thinkers in Singapore and abroad- and one of the most important things that my participants ask me is about "what's in it for me"? As in- how would Design Thinking benefit me in my career, business and livelihood?

You see- 3 most important skills (according to Forbes) in the 21st century:

- Critical Thinking (solve problems with solutions)

- Creativity (think outside the box)

- Collaboration (working with others)

All these, could be learned with the understanding of Design Thinking.

I went on to start my own company Emerge Creatives, later on got fascinated with Design Thinking and went on to tell the world about it.

I started to run workshops, speak in conferences, and train government professionals.

I also don't want you to just hear it from me. People like you and I have encountered the same issues and take up this course and this what happens:

💡Advance in Career (Move to Better Places)

💡Promotion and Salary Increment

💡Career Satisfaction (Leading Others with DT Secrets)

💡Thought Leadership (Empower Others w DT Knowledge)

Here are some real-life true case studies and testimonies from my very own Design Thinkers to tell you that this is the one-and-only course that you need to pick up that will enhance your career and your future.

Feel free to email me at to understand more about Design Thinking and get started- if not, I have set aside some free links for you to learn more about it in the sections below.

Baolong, 35 - Senior Engineer, ST Engineering

Baolong understands the MEANING OF IDEATIONand makes full use of the "What If" technique in his workplace and impacted his fellow Engineers to think out of the box and createOUTSTANDING SOLUTIONS and GET PROMOTED!

Chow, 43 - Regional HR Partner, Qatar Airways

Chow believes in learning through others from the course and the power of QUESTIONING TECHNIQUES! 

After the Design Thinking Masterclass course, the techniques impacted Chow to LEAD HR PROJECTS in team effectiveness and organisational growth in various industries. He has since MOVED 2 COMPANIES and taking LEADERSHIP ROLE.  

Siyan, 28 - Manager, Deloitte

Siyan likes the framework to ask the right questions and had a LOT OF FUN while engaging and interacting with other fun people in the class!

Siyan makes use of her Design Thinking Certification straight after the course to make her BIG-MONEY MOVE from McClaren (Car Company) to Deloitte (Consultancy)!

Michael, 45 - Realtor, Orange Tee

Michael learns about EMPATHY and the importance of designing for another HUMAN BEING.

He since has been making an impact in the real estate space getting his real estate agents and downlines to learn this concept of Design Thinking and has been MAKING MILLIONS for the company.

Julie, 33 - Graphic Designer, China, Ark Industries

Contrary to popular belief, many designers actually do not know anything much about Design Thinking. Julie gets to understand how to DEFINE THE PROBLEM and feels welcome in the class even though there's language barrier. 

Julie has since made an impact in Ark Industries after learning Design Thinking and start to LEAD OTHER junior designers in the design process. 

George, 35 - Engineer, ST Engineering

George was initially skeptical about the corporate training in Design Thinking and turns out that he learns so much from the course. He gets to understand the concept of NOT "LIKING" HIS FIRST DESIGN and keep ITERATING!

He has since GOT PROMOTED because of his edge amongst other engineers in the secret of Design Thinking!

Kevin, 41 - Lecturer, SMU

Kevin learns the different TOOLS and FRAMEWORK of Design Thinking so that he could repurpose it for his teachings in SMU!

100s of university students get impacted by his teaching in SMU!

Last Words

I will be adding more articles on design thinking throughout the year. Articles of Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test will be added periodically to give my readers a broader insights to design thinking.

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About the author

Daniel Ling has more than 10 years of design thinking experience and has moulded himself to be a “designer in a business suit”- strong in the design thinking process and yet relevant to the financial and business industry. He is an effective human factors designer- in areas of space, product and visual architecture for end users. He authored the Complete Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals and the book is sold worldwide via Amazon, iTunes, Ingram, Lulu and Kinokuniya.

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