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After Earning 180K Since 4 Years Ago.. I'm Giving Away This Book!

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Hi, my name is Daniel.

I started Emerge Creatives 8 years ago- when I was broken and cast out with no job by a company that think nothing of design.

God picked me up and inspired me to emerge and build Emerge Creatives like a mission in my life.

I was fascinated with Design Thinking and went to tell the whole world about it. I started to run workshops, speak in conferences and train government professionals.

Today, I train hundreds of professionals from Singapore and overseas every year. I’m humbled by so many sincere thanksgiving and love after every run.

I have then authored a book on COMPLETE DESIGN THINKING GUIDE FOR SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS that become a valuable guidebook to professionals around the world.

I have sold my book and course online for almost 180K for the past 4 years and right now I feel that I need to GIVE AWAY THE BOOK!

I will have packed all my secrets of a Design Thinker for you in the FREE BOOK I have written so that you can tell THAT same oppressive boss to wake up his idea and get innovative. I need to empower as many people in my generation to achieve #100Kdesignthinkers

Why would Design Thinking matter to YOU?

I'm sure you've heard of Design Thinking- and this is the problem-solving process that unlocks your problem-solving potential that will GET YOU PROMOTED or LAND YOU A BETTER JOB. Click below to find out.

Here's what you'll discover:

Secret #1 - How to Fully HANDS-ON Understand the 5 Step Design Thinking Action Plan Without Academic Jargons

Secret #2 - How to BE A PRO with simple Design Thinking Activities and Templates (Even if You are Neither Creative nor Innovative)

Secret #3 - How to DEBUNK Design Thinking from Waterfall, 6 Sigma or Agile Without Throwing Away What You Already Know!

Check out the FREE BOOK here:


About the author

Daniel Ling has more than 10 years of design thinking experience and has moulded himself to be a “designer in a business suit”- strong in the design thinking process and yet relevant to the financial and business industry. He is an effective human factors designer- in areas of space, product and visual architecture for end users. He authored the Complete Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals and the book is sold worldwide via Amazon, iTunes, Ingram, Lulu and Kinokuniya.

How to sign up for Design Thinking Course?

Where to get Complete Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals?Download PDF Book here:

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