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Top 5 Design Thinking Companies in Singapore- Emerge Creatives Design Thinking Training Consultancy!

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Design Thinking is in essence the process of thinking like a designer. It was a term that was made famous by IDEO and their approach at that time to solving problems. The business world did start to take notice, and you would have seen countless articles on Forbes and the Harvard Business Review, about the effects of Design Thinking. It is an umbrella term which takes a human-centric approach to the designing of any product through rapid prototyping and iterations.

Emerge Creatives is proud to be featured in as part of many coaches that have used design thinking in their long fruitful careers as an approach to any sort of problem.

Based on the article:

Emerge Creatives is the leading consultancy and training organisation in Innovation and Design Thinking led by Daniel Ling. The vision of Emerge Creatives to empower successful professionals in Singapore and all over the world with the knowledge of problem-solving, creativity and collaboration with the Design Thinking framework. The course is interactive, collaborative, activity-based and focused on learning by doing.

Daniel Ling, the lead trainer, has facilitated and conducted Design Thinking to over 300 professionals across government, MNCs and schools. He is also the leading authority in the financial services industry on Design Thinking- heading Experience Design Teams in DBS and NTUC Income- and pioneered Experience Design in OCBC almost 10 years ago.

So blessed to be featured on a prominent site as the top 5 Design Thinking Company. Thank you!

Last Words

I will be adding more articles on Design Thinking throughout the year. Articles of Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test will be added periodically to give my readers a broader insights to Design Thinking.

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About the Author

Daniel Ling has more than 10 years of Design Thinking experience and has moulded himself to be a “designer in a business suit”- strong in the Design Thinking process and yet relevant to the financial and business industry- across OCBC, DBS, NTUC Income and Lazada. He trained close to 500 professionals in the area of Design Thinking, Innovation and Strategy. He authored the Complete Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals and the book is sold worldwide via Amazon, iTunes, Ingram, Lulu and Kinokuniya.

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